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Super Luxury White Towels

Super Luxury White Towels

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      • Material: 100% Combed Cotton Yarn Pile for Great Long Term Softness.
      • Construction: Ring Spun Yarn weaved on modern Airjet looms, Double stitched for Longer Durability.
      • Characteristics: Fluffy, Absorbent, Soft, Great Looking & Long-Lasting Whiteness.
      • Features: No Header to avoid deformation caused by shrinkage.
      • Ideal Use: Luxury / 5 Star Hotels, Motels & Holiday Homes.

Combed Cotton Super Lux Towels Range Sizes Guide:

      • Face Towel XL: 35x35cm, 80g/pc
      • Face Towel: 34x34cm, 72g/pc
      • Hand Towel XL: 45x78cm, 235g/pc
      • Hand Towel: 41x72cm, 190g/pc
      • Bath Towel L: 70x150cm, 680g/pc

Product Details:

GLT offers the Super Lux White Towels, designed with the finest 100% combed cotton yarn pile. These towels are double-stitched and woven on the latest Airjet looms, ensuring long-lasting quality. Ideal for 5-star hotels, motels, and luxury homes, these towels add elegance and comfort. Available in bulk, these towels maintain quality even in large-scale usage. They are affordable yet luxurious, offering the best value in the market.

Looking for bundled purchases? GLT provides white towel bundles suited for commercial or personal needs. These towels, known for their fluffy, absorbent, and soft feel, prioritize comfort. We offer wholesale options, ensuring affordability on a larger scale. GLT’s white super luxury towels maintain long-lasting whiteness, delivering a pristine look with each use. Designed without headers to prevent shrinkage-induced deformation, these towels promise a seamless experience.

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