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Anti-Bed Bug Waterproof Mattress Encasement

Anti-Bed Bug Waterproof Mattress Encasement

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Tired of restless nights due to bed bugs? GLT presents the ultimate solution with our Anti-Bed Bug Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector Encasement, ensuring a serene and uninterrupted sleep experience. This revolutionary encasement provides a holistic shield against a multitude of issues that often plague mattresses, offering unparalleled protection and comfort. 
    • Complete Bed Bug Protection: Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by bed bugs. Our mattress protector offers a comprehensive defense system that effectively combats these pesky intruders, ensuring a tranquil sleep environment.
    • Waterproof Armor: Crafted with the highest-grade waterproof material, this protector becomes a fortress against body fluids, spills, and accidental stains, while also thwarting odor-causing bacteria, preserving the mattress's freshness.
    • Allergen Defense: Guarding against dust mites and pet dander, it's the perfect anti-allergy mattress encasement. Say hello to a healthier and allergen-free sleeping sanctuary.
    • Comprehensive 6-Sided Protection: Enveloping your mattress entirely, our protector provides complete 6-sided coverage, safeguarding every inch of your mattress from potential threats.
    • Enhanced Breathability: Despite its impenetrable defense, the encasement remains breathable, allowing for optimal airflow, maintaining a comfortable sleep temperature.
    • Triple Seal Closure System: Equipped with a zipper, an inner flap, and a loop at the opening, this protector ensures a complete encapsulation of your mattress, leaving no room for intrusion.
    • Durable & Washable: Made for convenience and durability, this protector is 100% washable, designed to last, and offers long-term protection without compromising on quality.
    • Silent Comfort: With its soft and noiseless surface, this mattress protector ensures an undisturbed, peaceful sleep experience, making it the best anti-bed bug mattress cover available.
    • Revitalize Your Mattress: Give your expensive mattress a fresh lease on life by shielding it from bed bugs, odors, or stains with our 6 in 1 Anti bed bug protector. It's the ultimate solution for comprehensive mattress protection.

Size Guide: 

Single Size Dimensions: 91x192cm (40cm Deep Box)

King Single Size Dimensions: 108x203cm (40cm Deep Box)

Double Size Dimensions: 138x203cm (40cm Deep Box)

Queen Size Dimensions: 152x203cm (40cm Deep Box)

King Size Dimensions: 168x203cm (40cm Deep Box)

Super King Size Dimensions: 185×203cm (40cm Deep Box)

Discover unmatched protection and comfort for your mattress with GLT's Anti-Bed Bug Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector Encasement.

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